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Network, collect, analyze

Half of the population is online today. They communicate via the World Wide Web. But more and more devices and systems are being networked together. The possibilities opened up by the digitalization and networking of machines are immense. Experts from different areas believe that new markets will open up, with an annual turnover of 100 billion euros. It is clear that "Big Data," i.e. the huge quantity of data that is collected, is worth a great deal if it is systematically analyzed and incorporated into processes. This task presents a huge challenge for both industry and society. How does UNITED GRINDING handle it?

Focus: Simple and secure networking

The basis of Industry 4.0 is the networking of machine, logistics, product and our customers' business systems (ERP, SAP). Everyone must speak the same language here. This is achieved through the simple and secure software interface used worldwide, OPC UA (Open Platform Communication Unified Architecture).

The system

Data Security

The data security concept at DIGITAL SOLUTIONS contains important building blocks and meets today's data security regulations according to the GDPR.

Focus: Elimination of unplanned machine downtimes

Another focus is on unplanned machine downtimes. The UNITED GRINDING Group tackles this topic methodically, as a group. The aim: With UNITED GRINDING Digital Solutions the customer will receive a tool that helps optimize their production. In other words, the machine will only be stationary if this is planned and calculated. The UNITED GRINDING Group adopts the "Predictive Maintenance" approach here. In order to make this possible in future, the data of the individual assemblies and components are recorded and analyzed. Different measured variables are needed here, to form a clear picture of the individual assemblies and components. This requires continuous learning and is an ongoing process. "Once there is a clear vision, suitable strategies and measures can be precisely planned and the right tools developed", Mavro is convinced. Another product within UNITED GRINDING Digital Solutions is Remote Service. This means that if an assembly or component fails, despite Predictive Maintenance, the problem can be reported to the responsible Customer Care Organization at the press of a button and the customer can be offered optimal support.

Who is at the center here?

With the use of new technologies and digitalization, we must never lose sight of the customer benefit. UNITED GRINDING consciously focuses on the individual customer and their requirements. The new technologies and digitalized products must ultimately have a positive effect on the value creation chain. But what is the role of people in the digital factory? "Doubtless the requirements will change and different competencies will become important. However, people will remain an essential part of the system in the future," Josi is convinced. Because the fourth industrial revolution should ultimately serve people – not vice versa.



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Production Monitor
Production Monitoring provides you with a reliable 24/7 monitoring service. Runtimes and auxiliary times, quantities or malfunction times, for example, are shown in real time. Production Monitor is the ideal tool for experts in their specific field as well as planners or production managers, whose focus is on a general overview.
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Remote Service
Your machines and systems are your capital. In order for your company to operate effectively, the value chain must work smoothly. Prompt, system-specific support by specialists is more important than ever today: Complex systems and rising cost pressures require optimized availability and quick service.
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Service Monitor
The Service Monitor uses a clear traffic light function to indicate when servicing is due (dates dependent on operating hours and set service intervals as per the operating manual) for all connected machines. The Service Monitor shows which maintenance activities are required at what time. Comprehensive information about each machine, the required tools, spare parts, wear parts, and instructions are available.
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IT security
Secure and quick connection with customer machines throughout the world is the basis for efficient trouble-shooting. At your service request, qualified customer care technicians at UNITED GRINDING can access your machine by connecting and solve your problems, for example by importing new data, installing updates or carrying out remote maintenance or changing parameters.
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